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News from The Tapestry Study Group:

Refine your Tapestry Techniques and Learn New Ones

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The Tulsa Handweavers Guild sponsors a new group focusing on tapestry weaving, facilitated by Janette Meetze. The study group is open to all members of the Tulsa Handweavers Guild who wish to participate.
It should be noted that this group is intended to be a true study group, not a class. It will be an opportunity to inspire and help one another reach personal tapestry goals, whether a first beginning sampler or an ongoing refinement of tapestry technique. Everyone will be working on individual projects at his or her own pace, with the study group providing support and encouragement with tips, techniques, resources and feedback.
A seascape of the Oregon coastline by Margaret Lee

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Tapestry Sett Recommendations

A table containing the recommended setts for weaving tapestry with different sizes of cotton seine twine.

Resources for Tapestry on the Web

Janette Meetze's "Common Threads" Blog:

"Warp Sett: A Few Options and Opinions" by Tommye Scanlin (from her blog, Tapestry Share):

Archie Brennan's Copper Pipe Loom:

Mirrix Tapestry Looms:

The Tapestry Group is currently on hiatus.


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